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I have read “Carnival” by Mercè Rodoreda twice now. I read it mid semester and became lost and a bit depressed, but I really wanted to give it another try. I am still depressed. Rodoreda has two main characters who are nameless throughout the entire story and perhaps it is a direct reflection into how disconnected the two of them are. These characters are disconnected from each other and from their personal lives. I believe the choice of not giving them names was a strong one, it allowed us to realize this disconnect in a more prominent way. My feeling of depression is a result of their inability to be happy within their personal lives and the male character’s persistence on this girl being the end all be all to happiness for him. The switch of perspectives between the two of them is also uneasy because you think one thing and suddenly its what the other character is thinking.

I did enjoy how Rodoreda ended the short story.” Both of the characters are overwhelmed from an unfortunate journey of murky and depressing description. I liked that the ending was left almost just where it began, the two of them not solving anything in their lives but having an adventurous evening (however pathetic) for the male character to think about from time to time.

He had nothing left, only that touch on his fingertips, perhaps a bit of golden dust, the kind butterflies leave

Rodoreda is using beautiful description to describe how the male character is feeling. Since it is such a beautifully descriptive ending, it makes it much more sad to see him so hung up on a girl who wouldn’t even remember the evening.


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