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After writing my blog post, I had to go watch the trailer for “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Watching this trailer, I really wanted to watch this movie! In a few short seconds, I could feel the love, the passion, and the longing between Florentino and Fermina. I feel like after reading the book, watching the movie will help to solidify, or change, the feelings I have for this novel and the characters within it.


5 Responses to “I Wish We Had Time to Watch the Movie in Class!”

  1. amyousef says:

    I found out last night that it is also on H.B.O. go too. Thank you for telling us about it, I will have to watch it one of these days.

  2. Jenny Mix says:

    I own a copy of it, though I wouldn’t say it follows the story perfectly. As all movies do, after you’ve read the book they feel like a rip off. Like you’ve been cheated out of some of your favorite parts.

  3. monterosso14 says:

    I didn’t watch it, but I’d agree generally.
    One of my fav lines in the book is “This soup tastes like windows”. I can imagine that would make a funny scene, but they probably took it out in the movie.

  4. Wendy Sivik says:

    Yeah but Jenny… the book doesn’t have Javier Bardem. Although, I must say he is not really at his best in this film. Florentino is a genuinely weird guy.