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The way that Richard Bausch opens “Someone to Watch Over Me” is especially engaging but in a way that isn’t often done. He does not start in the middle of an action or with an introduction of the scene but he instead introduces two characters and it felt like we were in the scene in a more abstract way, which I enjoyed. An abstract presence that quickly turns to painfully awkward when they go out to dinner with one another. Bausch captures the relationship with this married couple perfectly, the reader can feel the tension building with each page. I could feel myself holding my breath during most of the story. There is a musicality to the tension in the story, starting with it being annoying comments back and forth, then the more jarring comments that create the most tension, all turning sharply to it being more about the marriage as a whole than just a simple fight. The sharp turn is quickly ended with no resolution. We don’t know as readers what is going to happen, which is just as unnerving as the rest of the story. The ending creates so much anxiety for the reader. I just wanted to find out more about Ted was like this, the real truth about why he was so put off and it just didn’t make complete sense at the end of the story.


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