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I’m twenty years older than he is and getting fat; I’ve never been anything to look at, but he’s been lonely, and there was a time, not long ago, when I wasn’t turning him away.”

“Falling”, by Bonnie Jo Campbell, abruptly dropped us into an unstable world of anger, poverty, suicide, and a dangerous love affair.  The story was an encounter between the narrator and Jonas after his release from a psych ward.  Although the story was during this moment, the past of a troubled relationship becomes the center conflict.  The narrator was living in a trailer because Jonas burned her previous home down with a meth lab.  The love she had for him became obvious when she invited him to live with her and took his hand in her own.

and when Jonas lets his hand fall, I catch it and hold it steady in both of mine.”

The voice of the narrator felt real as she expressed anger and thoughts about her own suicide.  It seemed contradictory that her voice appeared wise, like she was carrying some knowledge that the other characters lacked, when in reality she was lost.  She took people in when they had nowhere to go, but these motherly characteristics could not keep her from Jonas, who was so bad for her.  She never said she loved him, but her actions tell the reader otherwise.


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  1. Good, Katherine. This is quite well written — but you need to expend more effort. Dig deeper. This post suggests you’re capable of very fine work if you’d just put the time in.