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Unrequited Love

In Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther” the reader is presented with a highly developed character. Werther is a young man who is unrequitedly in love with a taken woman. Werther’s great character development invites the reader into Werther’s obsessions, making them real and evident. The reader can see into his “love” for Lotte and how much he truly wants her to love him.


At times, it almost makes the reader believe that Werther’s obsessions are truly love, however, it is clear that he has a deep obsession for this woman. This choice by Goethe to only have one point of view is a strong one and I believe it works for the story. If the reader were to grasp input from Lotte or Albert, it wouldn’t be a sorrowful tale of Werther. Perhaps, even the ending would have had an entirely different reflection from the reader, even though both Lotte and Werther had tragic outcomes. The story is even more sorrowful for Lotte because she hasn’t escaped her depression and has to live with the death of Werther weighing on her, depressing her further. Whereas, Werther’s sorrow is gone and the heightened point of his obsession came to a complete end when he shot himself; which is a dramatic death itself.

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