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  • “I treat my heart like a sick child: whatever it wishes for is granted (10).”
  • “If you ask what people are like here, I have to say: like everywhere! The human race is a monotonous thing. Most people work most of the time in order to live, and the little freedom they have left frightens them so, that they will do anything to get rid of it (12).”
  • All of June 16 page 20
  • “I am cheerful and happy and thus no good at writing chronicles (21).”
  • “How happy I am that my heart can feel the simple, harmless bliss of the person who brings to the table a cabbage he has grown himself, not just the cabbage alone but all the good days, the beautiful morning he planted it, the lovely evenings he watered it, and as he had his joy in its advancing growth, he enjoys it all again in one moment (32).”
  • “It seems to me mostly wrongly, that there are so few good days and so many bad ones (36).”
  • “It is not enough that we cannot make each other happy, must we also rob each other of the pleasure that every heart can sometimes grant itself (37)?”
  • “Are those phantoms, when we are happy (44)?”
  • “Everything in the world ends up being a dirty business, and a person who wears himself out for money or honor or whatever else for someone else’s sake, without it being his own passion, his own need, is always a fool (45).”
  • “And he is so honorable, and hasn’t kissed Lotte in my presence a single time. May God reward him for it! I must love him for the sake of the respect he has for the girl (47).”
  • “My joy at being with Lotte is gone (also 47).”
  • “Of course it is easier to die than steadfastly to bear a life of agony (53).”
  • “I find it just as strange to say that the person who takes his life is cowardly as it would be out of place to call someone a coward who dies of a malignant fever (54).”
  • “When we have lost ourselves we have lost everything (60).”
  • All of October 27 page 100

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